Knowledge Meets Artificial Intelligence

Automate your complex legal and compliance work in all simplicity with Artificial Intelligence.

Who We Are

We make complex expertise easy!

Expertise work such as regulatory compliance can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. At KnomAI, we remove these obstacles and provide you with a cloud-based application-building platform that lets you automate your knowledge quickly and easily.
Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Automation to create Apps from documents fast and without pain, with no technology skills required! Organizations can perform their legal and compliance work efficiently, while significantly reducing time and costs, freeing up valuable expert talent and offering a more friendly process to end-users. We serve highly regulated industries, law firms, and all organizations with substantial legal, compliance and HR requirements.
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Our Platform

Building Knowledge as a Workflow ™


Automation capabilities for knowledge professionals.

We help transform expertise into Apps, whatever the field of knowledge. It can be cross-industry (i.e. legal, compliance, HR) as well as industry-specific (i.e. pharmaceutical or financial services).

A platform built to handle complex knowledge in a variety of situations.

• Banking and financial, medical and pharmaceutical, insurance and real estate: industries which are highlyregulated.
• Knowledge services providers such as law firms, publishers and professional services firms.
• Companies with knowledge-intensive support functions such as legal, compliance, and HR.


A fast, versatile A.I. automation engine, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to build Apps intuitively.

Our platform automates your knowledge work for you. Stay in a familiar work environment: no need for coding or technology skills!

Technology that is simple to use.

For experts: no need to code or develop any technology skills. Build your Apps in a friendly work environment.
For organizations: a SaaS solution with secure data and exchanges. We use secure cloud-based technologies in a collaboration environment.
For App users: expertise is made easy through Q&A-style Apps, and language used can be simple or technical. And it’s all mobile-friendly!


Customized Apps built with the expertise you want.

From simple and routine to complex and technical, we customize your Apps to reflect your specific needs and requirements. Apps can also generate documents, such as contracts and forms.

Intelligent Apps easy to work with from end to end.

• Apps are easily built and can range from automating simple routine work to complex, deep expertise work.
• Apps are adaptable. They can be updated easily to reflect changes in rules and regulations, as well as ever-evolving expertise.
• Apps are mobile-friendly and can be executed on any device while staying in a secure environment.

Our Services

We are here to make your complex and costly knowledge work simple from end to end. Build as many Apps as you like. It’s that simple. We offer the following options to build your Apps:

Build Apps On Your Own

  • You build your Apps on our platform.
  • We can train your teams to build your Apps.
  • You can host and execute Apps on our platform.

We Build For You

  • We build your Apps on our platform.
  • Our team works with your experts to build your Apps.
  • You can host and execute Apps on our platform.

Customize Existing Apps

  • Choose your Apps from our existing portfolio.
  • We can customize them for you.
  • The Apps are hosted and executed on our platform.

Your Complex Expertise Made Easy

It works the way you work, just faster and easier!

Your Expertise in a Document

Put the knowledge you want to use in a document. That’s all! Attachments and links are welcome too!

Turned Into A Dynamic Process

Our platform "reads" your document and turns it into an App, It's that simple!
We use automation and artificial intelligence to make your complex work easy.

Built Into A Workflow

The platform adds the workflow, tasking and collaboration tools to automate your work from end to end. The whole process is built and that's it, you're done!

Executed In An App

Use your App from anywhere, on any device. It runs just like an App! Work online, simply and efficiently.
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