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Build Your Solutions

Here are some use cases where KnomAI has worked with a variety of companies to provide workflows and solutions tailored for them. The use cases below show how complexity becomes simple and easy with workflows built on the platform and turned into Intelligent Questionnaires.

Create your own workflows to solve similar issues!

Our Solution: We transformed the company's excel based questionnaires into dynamic workflows with built-in audibility for clients to fill in questionnaires regarding site EHS practices and compliance with  tracking. of non-compliance for remediation

Professional Services  – EHS Compliance Monitoring

The Challenge: Professional services firm helping clients track and consolidate regulatory EHS information around the world needed user-friendly and agile solutions with audibility and compliance monitoring. 

Our Solution: We built a workflow based on law firm expertise to determine specific cases where IHC reporting requirements are mandatory or recommended as well as the implementation of stress testing & the governance structure requirements.

Banking - Regulation Applicability 

The Challenge: A large foreign bank wanted to determine applicability of the Intermediate Holding Company reporting requirements as well as the Dodd-Frank stress testing requirements and governance implementation. 

Our Solution: We built a set of automated workflows  in accordance with the Data Security Model Law setting out geography-based cybersecurity compliance requirements, flagging non-compliance auditing, breach notifications and remediation actions.

 Insurance -  Cybersecurity Compliance 

The Challenge: A large insurance company needed to ensure compliance to the Insurance Data Security Model Law with geographical specificities based on States’ laws and an evolving regulatory environment.

Our Solution: We built a set of automated workflows in accordance with the Data Security Model Law setting out geography-based cybersecurity compliance requirements, non-compliance flagging, breach notifications  and remediation actions.

Our Solution: We rapidly automated the law-firm's document decision tree for the notification process, both for business and real estate operations, including assessments establishing notification requirements for each case.

Law Firm – Compliance with CFUIS Requirements

The Challenge: A law firm handling notification requirement for foreign investments in US businesses wanted to streamline the process and help its clients identify investments needing notifications to better serve their clients.

Our Solution: We rapidly created automated workflows according to different countries and  types of products and associated requirements for clients to respond to questions on their specific situation and receive reports regarding notification requirements. 

Law Firm – Marketing Restrictions on Financial instruments

The Challenge: Law firm handling regulatory notification requirement for funds' marketing materials globally needed to streamline the process for clients determine the notification requirements based on geography and type of product.

Our Solution:  Customize an existing workflow on GDPR compliance to the  specifics of the organization for their HR process. Enable quick and cost effective automation of the  process to then expand to other functions.

International Organization – HR Compliance for GDPR

The Challenge: A large international organization needed to ensure regulatory compliance with GDPR for its HR employees' data processing and continuous monitoring of the proper handling of employee data. ​

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