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Management consulting and advisory firms need to make a difference for their clients, helping them to overcome their challenges, reduce their risk and bring operational efficiencies to their business. Whatever their fields of expertise, Financial Services, HR, or EHS, these firms need to support their clients in implementing solutions especially as they look to  technological answers for their needs.


KnomAI helps consulting and advisory firms bring agile, innovative and pragmatic solutions to their clients in the knowledge space, offering them a platform to quickly and easily implement technology based solutions accompanying their consulting and advisory capabilities. 


Empower Your Clients

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Reduce turnaround time from faster data collection to immediate results


Reduce Risk and Prevent Revenue Loss and Reputational Damage


Enhance Resource Capabilities and Free Talents for Strategic Work


Organize Knowledge and Eliminate Weak Links in your Compliance Chain


Ensure Consistent Quality in Service


Increase Effectiveness: End-to-End Process Execution on One Platform


Improve Business Performance with Data Analytics


Ensure Transparency and Accountability with Fully Auditable Workflows and Execution Reporting

Bring Practical Solutions to Your Clients

Here are some the expertise areas KnomAI focuses on

Risk and Compliance Assessment and Remediation

Risk and Control Framework Implementation

Talent Assessment and Knowledge Management

Regulatory Reporting

Contract Review, Generation and Management

Third-Party Compliance and Monitoring

Policies and SOP Implementation

Privacy and Cybersecurity Management