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Companies need to comply with industry-specific regulations as well as issues such as data privacy, cybersecurity, fraud, product safety, consumer protection, labor and employment, environmental impact, export controls.


This applies to all industries: Biotech, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail, Energy, Utilities, Tech Media, Transportation, Food and Beverage, Construction, Education or Government Services.

KnomAI helps all industries by easily automating their complex knowledge processes. Our platform creates agile, bespoke solutions executed by your teams on one platform. Workflows can be updated rapidly to adapt to changing environments and are auditable from end-to-end for management and regulatory oversight.

Stay on Top of your Regulatory Requirements

Reduce risk and prevent revenue loss and reputational damage

Reduce turnaround time from faster data collection to immediate results

Enhance resource capabilities and free talents for strategic work

Organize knowledge and eliminate weak links in your compliance chain

Reduce cost of expertise work by using automation to handle tasks and free talent for higher value work 

Ensure consistent quality in service

Increase effectiveness: End-to-end process execution on one platform

Improve business performance with data analytics

Ensure transparency and accountability with fully auditable workflows and execution reporting

Reduce cost of automation with an agile tool adapted to your work processes delivering quicker ROI







Build Agile and Practical Solutions 

Here are some the expertise areas KnomAI can help you with

Product Safety and Quality

Environmental Impact

Fraud Detection

Export controls

Consumer Protection

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Licenses and Permits

Health and Safety 


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