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The insurance industry is one of the most critical sectors for cybersecurity, due to the high amount of data managed by insurance companies. Cybersecurity events can result in penalties as well as severe financial and reputational loss. Building a strong Information Security Program, and being able to quickly identify and handle cybersecurity events according to regulations and company policies, is essential for any insurance company. 

This KnomAI Package contains two Workflows built to help your business comply with the NAIC Insurance Data Security Model Law. The first Workflow helps your organization quickly identify cybersecurity events and act to comply with notification requirements. The second Workflow enables you to implement and regularly review and update your Information Security Program.

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Systematically identify and handle cybersecurity events accurately to control your risk.

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Ensure your Information Security Program complies with all required provisions and company policies.

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Ensure transparency and accountability with fully auditable workflows for regulatory oversight

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