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Empower Your Experts to Ensure Complete GDPR Compliance


A DPO is responsible to ensure that the data protection obligations are respected within the organization. Most of the time, these tasks are managed via calls or emails without any central repository, making the work time-consuming, costly and complicated.


Considering high amounts of GDPR penalties and fines, companies with a large set of personal data don’t have the luxury to miss any important issues and the DPO needs to focus on more complicated and critical work instead of struggling with non-strategic and complex manual processes. 

How Can We Help?

KnomAI can turn your DPO’s expertise into an automated workflow, saving DPO from doing repetitive tasks and allowing time to focus on more complex issues.


By using these very simple solutions, companies can save time, reduce cost and use the expertise of the DPO on complex matters to ensure full compliance.

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We have created 4 automated workflows for your organization to benefit from KnomAI’s innovative solution and perform a complete GDPR audit on a single platform.

1- Internal Audit for Business Units: Collecting all the required information from business units regarding their GDPR compliance as well as sending and receiving documentation.


2-Audit Assessment for Data Processors: Collecting all the required information from your data processors regarding their GDPR compliance, creating tasks for the matters to be addressed, sending and receiving documentation.


3-GDPR Internal Audit Assessment: Ensuring that your audit covers GPDR requirements and best practices and creating tasks and alerts for matters to be addressed.


4-GDPR Employee Training: Train your employees to ensure their GDPR awareness. 

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