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Build Your Solutions

Here are some use cases where KnomAI has worked with a variety of companies to provide workflows and solutions tailored for them. The use cases below show how complexity becomes simple and easy with workflows  built on the platform and turned into Intelligent Questionnaires.
Create your own workflows to solve similar issues!

Our Solution: We built a solution which enabled supervisors to track and report, on a daily basis, workforce compliance to critical metrics and practices established for the customer. 

Leading Business Services Firm  - Onsite Workforce Management 

The Challenge: One of the largest Business Services firm, global leader in professional services and digital transformation, needed a tool for capturing the real time performance of their teams on various client sites.

Global Corporation - Employee Workforce Training

Our Solution: We built workflows from various training materials with  employees following a set of instructions specific to the selected workflow, answering questions, and uploading artefacts, with assessments  made and reviewed according to predetermined criteria. 

The Challenge: A global corporation wanted to offer its employees a training solution based on learning by doing. The tool needed to be flexible and handle  a large number of learning workflows and employees, with assessments and reviews of successful learning.

Business Process Company – Vendor Contractual Compliance

Our Solution: Build workflows with self-certification of GDPR vendor status, determination of contractual compliance to the company's  requirements, flagging non-compliance, reviewing and ensuring commitment to GDPR compliance, managing exceptions.

The Challenge:  A Business Process company wanted to monitor vendor GDPR contractual compliance with built-in controls to review existing contracts, check for non-compliance, propose changes, handle exceptions, assess and review vendor risk regularly.

Pharmaceutical Industry – Clinical Trials

Our Solution: We built a set of workflows for some of the following guidelines:


Applicable clinical trial checklist (ACT)       Clinical trial university and sponsor  agreement  

Do you need to file an IND?                          Building your study profile

Is your research ethically compliant?          ICH guidelines Q3C - Impurities guidelines for  residual solvents 

Registering your clinical trial                         ICH guidelines S7A  - Safety Pharmacology Studies            

The Challenge: Domain experts in large pharmaceutical group showed a need for workflows to ensure compliance with applicable regulations for clinical trials and guidelines from the International Conference on Harmonization (IHC).

CPG - Supplier Code of Conduct and Due Diligence

Our Solution: Turnaround time was crucial and we quickly built bespoke workflows based on client-specific requirements, enabling supplier information collection,  automated assessments, analyst and management reviews, risk rating and  actions plans.

The Challenge: CPG company required all suppliers to follow their code of conduct, due diligence, and auditing processes relative to client’s sustainability standards. The consulting

firm in charge of the CPG company needed a powerful tool for its managed services teams.

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