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Clients are requiring law firms to reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency or turnaround time and increasingly turning to non-traditional legal solutions. However, legal work is case-based and lacks the standardization and scalability required for innovative solutions and law firms need to maintain, high-quality work and security in a regulated environment.


KnomAI helps law firms increase the efficiency of their existing teams while ensuring high-quality work and expand the scope of their offerings to include more complex work while ensuring delivery on a confidential, secure platform.

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Build Your Solutions

Here are some areas where KnomAI can easily build workflows and tailor them to your specific needs.

Contract Review and Generation

Streamline contract generation, review and amendment processes. KnomAI helps law firms manage contracts for their clients collaboratively, complete with audit trails and accountability. Our Machine Learning capabilities enable you to review contracts received for legal validation, streamlining the negotiation process.

Regulatory Compliance

Offer risk and compliance services to your clients with validated Workflows built on your expertise to offer innovative and practical solutions to your clients for their compliance issues.

Knowledge Management

Build interactive workflows enabling clients to receive information and guidance adapted to their specific situation. 

M&A Due Diligence

Streamline M&A work to quickly and easily complete due diligence for your clients, review documents and speed up integration.

Matter Management

Benefit as a central repository storing contracts, information and data to effectively manage cases and increase collaboration.