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Join an AI-based startup and play an active role in its growth. Gain hands-on experience developing the company's AI and NLP based products and solutions. Enjoy an entrepreneurial environment, with its high level of responsibility, autonomy and rigor in the work performed. 

Start Date:  October 2020

Work Schedule: Full Time

Company Profile:

KnomAI is a tech startup, offering an innovative service in A.I. based automation. It focuses on automating knowledge work, in the reg-tech space using AI, NLP and data analytics for its products and solutions. 

Job Description

You will work closely with the co-founders and team to grow the company's platform and develop its solutions.

Among other things, you will: 

- Assist in developing the company's PaaS NLP/AI based products and related services

- Assist in responding to customer-specific product requirements including data analytics. 

- Assist in the day-to-day platform development operations of the company. 


To be successful in this position, you will need to have:

- A computer science background and AI/NLP expertise

- Proficiency in Python

- Knowledge of AI/NLP Frameworks: PyTorch, Tensorflow, etc...

- A desire to work in a start-up environment and play a very hands-on role in your work.

- The ability, drive, and passion to be focused, productive and creative with minimal supervision. 

This job proposal is geared towards graduates with some work experience who have a high potential for working in a startup environment. They should have the skills, mindset, and intention of becoming a part of the core technology team.


If you are the right person for the job, please apply!  

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