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Purchasing departments deal with a variety of provider-related risks and regular reviews increasing their workload due to their key focus for managing risks and implementing controls for company third-party providers.


KnomAI helps purchasing departments reduce risks through automated workflows, win higher visibility on supply chain performance while proactively monitoring and controlling associated costs.

Build Your Solutions

Here are some areas where KnomAI can easily build workflows and tailor them to your specific needs.

Supply Chain & Cybersecurity

Ensure that your suppliers are compliant sharing workflows with them to quickly identify and respond to their cybersecurity events.

Third-Party Risk Management

Identify the performance and the inherent risks of a supplier and manage compliance supervision and quality control.

Suppliers' Ethics and Compliance

Manage ethics and compliance when qualifying a new supplier and reviewing on-boarded supplier risk evaluation.

Contract Review and Generation

Generate, review and amend contracts on a single platform. Quickly have your suppliers respond to the changes that impact their contracts.


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