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Here are some use cases at various stages of its client and lead engagements illustrating the scope of work KnomAI can perform.


Build a policy engine interrogating financial crimes policies 


Remove 80% of initial queries leading to same answers


Reduce SME workload and have consistency throughout the organization


Track compliance with regulatory requirements taking into account geography and evolving laws.​

Easy to update and refine with evolving regulations and knowledge

Risk & Control

Build process control workflows for specific processes to handle process transition ​


Identify and mitigate risk related to process transition

Third-Party Monitoring

Use existing questionnaire to turn rapidly into an automated workflow based on existing client documented expertise


Cater to a very large base of third party providers with rapid results

Regulatory Scoping & Exemption

Automated workflows handling client-based specific information


Develop capability with the client to build expertise based workflows 

Regulatory Scoping & Compliance

A workflow transforming law firm information and analysis provided by client into a case-by-case assessment tool. 

Enable quick transformation of expertise into practical and results-based solution

Shared Service Center

Expert-bot engine to guide the resources of the Shared Service Center to the most up-to-date policy for an employee query. ​

Compliance Monitoring

Cost-effective solution to deal with GDPR compliance requirements​


Develop initial KnomAI workflow for an HR based process to expand into other functions at a later stage.

Regulatory Alerts (GDPR & Cybersecurity)

Expert-bot enabling a user to follow-up on an alert or breach and follow the company notification mechanism.

Enable a large user-base to easily respond to alerts and breaches.

Eliminate dissimilarities within the organization for risk level and assessment outcomes