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What is  a  knowledge Workflow? 


A knowledge Workflow is a workflow that contains significant assessment work. It requires gathering and analyzing information based on areas of expertise and assessing such information on a case by case basis to reach tangible results.  A knowledge workflow enables you to perform your expertise-level business processes which are knowledge intensive, such as regulations, policies, procedures, and any advisory work.


Who is KnomAI for? 


KnomAI is for your entire organization regardless of industry and function. Our no-code, agile and customizable solution allows your business to benefit from our platform for all your knowledge workflows. Whether you are part of HR, compliance, legal or marketing functions you deal with manual complex work. If you are in a highly regulated industry, you handle significant amount of compliance based work. Our platform works for you.


How quickly can I automate with KnomAI?  


Because KnomAI is a no-code tool, your functional teams can themselves automate the work with their own expertise, without requiring IT intervention. They can as easily update their Worlflows, as their expertise evolves or regulations change. Automating is quick and work is performed on the collaborative platform from end-to-end, bringing immediate gains to your business. 


Do I need technical skills to use KnomAI? 


KnomAI's no-code building platform will transform your expertise from a documentation to an automated Workflow.  Therefore, you can build on our platform easily without any further technical skills.


Does  KnomAI  platform work on any device? 


Yes, you can benefit from KnomAI on any device at any time you need. 


How many people can be connected at the same time?  


Our platform is built to scale to your needs and all your teams, whether internal or external, can connect concurrently.  


Is the KnomAI platform adapted to my business? 

Whether you are a large or a smaller business, KnomAI can be a fit for you. Where you are dealing with complex knowledge workflows which need to be followed on a regular basis, whether it is because you are in a regulated industry or that you want to ensure policies and procedures are applied within your organization, we are the solution for you.  


Can we connect the KnomAI platform with other technology tools? 


Because we know how important it is for you to be able to navigate all your technology tools seamlessly, we have built a platform that can connect with your other tools to enable you to benefit from each of them for their purpose. We automate complex workflows and can add-on to your other automation tools or interact with data repositories and data collection or export tools. 


Can I easily update the automated Workflow?   


Whenever you want to update a Workflow or amend it maybe because regulations have changed or because you have evolved in your expertise, you can do so immediately on our platform. No need to pass by IT or wait for changes to be made into a software. You can do it yourself!  


How customizable is KnomAI’s solution?  


We build automated Workflows made to measure because we believe that your organization is unique and relies on its own knowledge and experts to ensure the best work. This expertise and knowledge should be at the source of the automated work to ensure that the same level of quality and specificity is maintained. By enabling you to work quickly and simply to automate your expertise, we eliminate the need for you to use generic tools and customize them to your needs.  


If you do wish to rely on external expertise or our existing workflows, we can customize them to fit your needs at a granular level. 


Is this platform secure? 


The KnomAI platform is built with security at its core. We build a virtual private cloud (VPC) for all our clients, creating a perfectly private and confidential space for them. 


Is  my data protected? 


Yes. At KnomAI, we take data protection seriously. Our platform follows the ISO 27001 compliance framework and data privacy regulations including the GDPR regulation and CCPA requirements. You can read our  Privacy Policy  to learn more about our data protection practices by clicking here and contact us at  for further questions.  


How can I request a demo? 


You can request a demo by clicking  here  and simply filling out the form. Someone in our team will get in touch with you shortly.   


How can I join KnomAI team? 


You can see the job openings by clicking  here. Also, even if you can't find a suitable position for yourself please follow us on Linkedin and keep in touch. 


Contact us if you have any further questions

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