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Traditional pharmaceutical companies are streamlining their ways of working through technolgy and tech start-ups are dealing with the complexity of regulations. A large amount of policies and procedures remains manual and time-consuming, from R&D to production and sales, creating risk in an environment where non-compliance inevitably leads to extremely high costs and reputational damage.  


KnomAI provides an efficient solution to quickly react to the ever-changing regulatory landscape and create bespoke solutions enabling the application of policies and procedures across organization for strict compliance and ensuring full traceability for regulatory oversight.

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Build Your Solutions

Here are some areas where KnomAI can easily build workflows and tailor them to your specific needs.

Conflict of Interest


Enable users to fill out forms based on questions and answers versus traditional form-filling to ensure the organization's compliance with conflict of interest regulations.

SOP Management

Simplify the complexity of following clinical research SOPs and manage country-specific documents complete with version control, easy sharing capabilities and enhanced visibility.

Clinical Trial Agreements with Universities​

Decrease turnaround time for drafting an acceptable contract and enables quick resolution of any contract issues for efficient negotiations.

GCP Compliance

Ensure application of detailed and complex GCP standards by turning them into easy-to-use Workflows sharable with anyone in the organization and facilitate the information disclosure speeding up the process of managing compliance.