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With globalized operations and technology adoptioncompanies are highlighting the increased risks their businesses face and the importance of their compliance teams. High-profile data breaches, reputational damages, and increased compliance scrutiny have caused businesses to analyze their operational risks, embrace governance and push towards more efficiencies for their teams. 


KnomAI helps risk and compliance departments increase their teams' efficiency, provides the agility for organizations to face changing regulations quickly and scalability to reach cross-organization compliance, as well as provide support for more complex and global regulatory matters.

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Build Your Solutions

Here are some areas where KnomAI can easily build workflows and tailor them to your specific needs.

Regulatory Reporting

Create consistent regulatory reports storing comprehensive information and documentation for analysis of multiple-source data.

Third-Party Monitoring

Support operational teams, helping them manage risk associated with third parties including compliance supervision, risk and quality control.

Risk and Compliance, Ethics and Governance

Navigate and embed regulatory compliance efficiently at every stage of your business from regulations and policies to procedures.


Ensure monitoring of cybersecurity events to comply with notification requirements and create auditable reports for management.