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“Society is best served by corporations that have aligned their goals to the long‑term goals of society.”

"Compact for Responsive and Responsible Leadership" - IBC

As we are bringing 21st-century solutions to knowledge automation, so are we adhering to the core values of the 21st-century by supporting sustainability initiatives for our planet.

We want to help companies adopt such initiatives within their organizations and invite you to join us in building a sustainable and inclusive global economy.

Let's "meet the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations." (United Nations definition of sustainability) 


 Join Gag the Swag

We are with Gag the Swag, an initiative that encourages conversations around unnecessary ‘swag’ at conferences and suggests ideas for alternatives in client engagements that don’t cost the earth – literally.

Learn more at

Go Paperless with

Automated  Workflows

Our company is paperless. We also help other companies to go paperless with workflow automation. Let us help you go paperless too! 


 Check our Sustainability Workflows

We are constantly building new workflows to support your sustainability initiatives. Check our available workflows to start empowering your organization.

We will be coming up with new solutions to support your sustainability initiatives.

But don't wait for us!

If you have a sustainability project, contact us to see how we can help you with our workflow automation tool. 

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